Knit to Order

We can knit any stitch on both single and double jersey machines from 7g to 28g, also we can knit any preferred stitches to customers request. We offer a fast and reliable service to ensure it meets to standards required by most store groups.


Our speciality products:

Single Jersey   Electronic  Knitting  12+28g

Double Jersey  Electronic  Knitting  18g

Single Jersey  Viscose+Viscose Blends

Cotton  Single Jersey  Elastane

Stripe  Single Jersey  Elastane

Jacquard  Single Jersey  Elastane


Ponti Da Roma                                 Crepes

Morgan                                             Burn out

Poly Ponti                                          Waffles


True Pointells

Knitwear Bouclays



shahtex-icon5Since 1987 we have been manufacturing and supplying knitted fabrics for the leisurewear, sportswear and underwear industries.